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Why Gender Matters 2: Good Grief

I did not grin over skater Adam Rippon’s campy exuberance nor fawn over commentators Johnny Weir’s jewels during the Winter Olympics. I grieved. Here are two strong, disciplined men who acted like girls, preening before cameras in full make-up and elaborate hairdos, gushing clever trash like ‘I’m a glamazon bitch ready for the runway’ (Rippon) and inviting us into his (Weirs’) room crammed full of women’s clothes and accessories, twice as many as his female counterpart. These guys are cartoonish violations of womanhood.

And America loves them. Time Magazine tagged Rippon the ‘winner of the Olympics’, though he placed 12th in his competition. These are our ambassadors to the world: out and proud and lauded at every turn. To the degree that we laughingly embrace their fractured personas, we contribute to their disintegration. And to a generation’s. Rippon and Co. are converting the lukewarm into gender anarchists.

Are you complicit? Do you not know that your giggling advocacy of gender-benders grieves the heart of God? He who made us in His image detests it when humanity forsakes its integrity, its ordination as either male or female and mocks both instead. Do you no longer take God at His Word? In order to show Himself and His creation strong, the God of Israel warned His nation to forego the confusion of the gender-bending Canaanites: ‘A woman must not wear a man’s clothing, not a woman, a man’s’ (Deut. 22:5), and ‘No-one who has emasculated himself by crushing or cutting may enter the assembly of the Lord’ (23:1). If the Olympics are any indication, we are now subject to a prideful, shameless parade of persons who defy the Creator by investing in false, demonized selves which enslave them and the vulnerable.

We need truth on which to sober and straighten up if we are to face rightly our prideful, disintegrated comrades. My favorite book on homosexuality and truth remains Dr. Robert Gagnon’s The Bible and Homosexual Practice, from which I quote: ‘Genesis 1-3, Lev. 18:22; 20:13, and Romans 1: 26-27 all suggest that same-sex intercourse was rejected on the grounds that it violated the anatomical and procreative sexual complementarity of male and female in creation—by definition an instance of pride, a supplanting of God’s design in creation for sexuality in favor of one’s own design.’

Those who appeal to merciful Jesus will find no softening of His commitment to the integrity of male and female in the Father and Son’s creation of humanity: ‘Jesus unreserved embrace of the creation account and his bold appeal to it establishes His commitment to one and only one model for sexual reunion…on matters relating to sexual ethics, Jesus adopted stricter, not more lenient, demands than most other Jews of His time…His expectations regarding sexual purity exceeded both the Torah and the tradition prevailing in His day’ (Gagnon).

So we turn toward Jesus: sobered, we need to care about what matters to Him. That means foregoing our own interests (Phil. 1: 21) and reconfirming our commitment to humanity aspiring to gender integrity. When we encounter popular perversions, I urge you not to laugh but rather to grieve over the prideful rebellion that hurts people and desecrates the Holy One. Cry out for the gentle wooing of His mercy, which invites each Rippon and Weir to turn to Him and so overcome our common enemy (2T 2:26).

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Boundary Breakers or Makers?

Hollywood’s award season is in full swing and will be dominated by actresses insisting on a new moral order in which men treat them with deference and respect. Right on. You witnessed Hollywood’s best on the Golden Globe Awards wearing black to honor those deadened by misogyny; most female winners will remark on overcoming sexual misconduct as Hollywood’s number one priority.

Time Magazine chose as 2017’s ‘Person of the Year’ the ‘silence-breakers’: women–some entertainers–who refused to be the dirty little secrets of men in power. Writers of the tribute raised a good point: ‘While anger can start a revolution, it cannot negotiate the more delicate dance steps needed for true social change…there’s a great deal at stake in how we assess these new boundaries, for men and women together.’

Jessica Chastain and Meryl Streep.

What are the new boundaries? Is Hollywood capable of covering and protecting its beautiful flesh? Renowned for pushing limits until they shatter, can the entertainment industry tow a line, any line that refuses sexual ‘freedom’?

Case in point. At the same awards ceremony where Jessica Chastain insisted that Hollywood clean up its act (the Palm Springs Film Festival), the young actor Timothee Chalamet won an award for playing a 17-year-old boy having an affair with a 24-year-old man in the film Call Me By Your Name; he thanked his costar’s wife for ‘letting me crawl all over her husband for two months.’ Huh.

In its yearend edition (Dec. 18th, 2017) featuring the ‘silence-breakers’, Time chose this romantic tale of sexual abuse as its sixth best film of the year. Times critic Stephanie Zacharak gushed over the film-as a ‘rapturous, bittersweet seduction. To fall into its arms is bliss.’ No mention that its story centers on a classic Hollywood hunk seducing a teen, and performing a host of orgasmic sexual acts with him. It is soft porn with literary pretensions. Breaking emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries with other men cost Kevin Spacey his career. It will make the careers of the actors in Call Me By Your Name. So Hollywood says ‘Me Too’ to some, and ‘Not You’ to the films that seduce us.

Having seen the film (please don’t, as its explicit content is disturbing), I marveled at the lack of moral tension contained in it. The boy’s father consoles his distraught son by blessing this most special friendship and even expressing his regret over not ever having had such a same-gender affair. (Adding to the irony: the seducer was the father’s academic assistant whom ‘Dad’ invited into the home to share a room next to his son!) Even worse is the lack of tension experienced by Hollywood over the film. Have you heard any outcry against it?

Apparently Hollywood is selective in protecting human dignity. The industry must become consistent in her moral revolution. That must apply first and foremost to children. If Hollywood wants to create new boundaries then it must also repent for breaking good ones. Hollywood abuses everyone by applauding Call Me By Your Name.

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Unmasking the Enemy, Part 1

How do you make sense of a breezily written Time magazine cover entitled ‘Beyond He or She,’ in which the author Katy Steinmetz champions kids from around the country who refuse any gender identification (March 27th)? Or seventy congresspersons who are seeking a nationwide ban on an individual’s right to seek therapeutic help to make peace with the gender of one’s birth, on the basis that ‘LGBTQ people were born perfect; there is nothing to treat them for’(Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif.; Washington Post, April 27th)?

Neither Steinmetz nor Lieu recognize that they are participating in the fracturing of lives; they insist that the freedom to refuse one’s male or female self is a human right, a moral good, that must be defended as squarely as recognizing the homosexual or lesbian ‘self’. Where does it end? If we agree that ‘feelings’ about oneself and the other are the foundation for human freedom, we can only observe and congratulate a generation that seeks to transcend gender altogether.

The truth: we are witnessing the enemy of humanity robbing a generation of its fruitfulness and families of their cohesiveness. In what may best be described as domestic terrorism, parents endure one bomb blast after another as sons manifest their intention to become daughters, daughters sons, or most confusing, kids who insist on being called ‘they’ in order to keep all their gender options open. It is a new and demonic twist on the teen theme of exaggerated self-investment and experimentation: every day a new mask, a new self, a new partner for the ever evolving ‘self.’

Claiming ‘freedom’ from old traditions of male or female, these ones become slaves to their own self-interest. In search of a self, they are never able to become a whole-enough self for another, for their families, for the greater community. It is impossible. How can one become outer-directed when he or she refuses to land on the most basic level of being—the truth of one’s gender? The very powers that God gives one to create life (in his or her gendered self) now threaten to destroy that life and deaden the lives around him or her.

We have a common enemy who tries to render good evil and to enslave humanity with that distortion.

Karl Barth was right. Reflecting on gender duality as the only conclusion we can draw biblically about what it means to manifest the image of God in our humanity (Gen. 1: 26, 27), he concludes that a refusal to gender identify is a descent into inhumanity and a refusal of God Himself. God created each person either male or female. There are only two natures. When we refuse that fact, we refuse Him.

Our ‘feelings’ will not save us on the last day. In light of many desires, we can look straight in the face of the powers-that-be, be they political, journalistic, pseudo-scientific, or pseudo-religious, and declare their advocacy of LGBTQ ‘rights’ as an alliance with the dark powers governing our world today.

Turning from the enemy of our souls, we turn to the One who came down from heaven in order to rent the divide between us and evil. He descends into our very depths. Upon the ground He conquered in dying for our fractured selves, He lives in order to raise us according to His will for our gendered humanity.

‘The whole life and ministry of Jesus has been a battle with demons…This battle has been with the rulers of this world, the power structures that have organized themselves and their authority so that there is no room for God in the world. Jesus, then, has not come to offer yet one more political alternative but to break the stranglehold that the powers have on the world. He offers a new world, a new world in which God is God and human beings are set free to be human beings.’ N.T. Wright

Please join us in San Diego on June 16th and 17th for the sixth annual RHN Hope 2017 Conference as hundreds gather to celebrate how Jesus has set them free from gender identity distortions. Preview with us the first full-length documentary film ever made–Tranzfomed–on how Jesus restores the transgendered. Register here today!

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Gleaming like an Amazon woman, he posed full-breasted in a tight dress–more woman than woman herself. In truth, this man on the cover of Time Magazine is a cartoon of a woman. Yet tragedy trumps comedy here; his artificial extremities emerge from the wound of a masculine soul that no amount of surgeries or hormones can restore.

Time featured him as an icon of ‘America’s Transition’ (get it?), the brave new world of gender anarchy in which ‘men in deep V-necks and necklaces walk by women with crew cuts and flannels next to boys kissing boys with pink backpacks alongside silver-haired women with broad shoulders.’ A year after the Supreme Court legalized ‘gay marriage,’ we now face the transgender transformation (one gender seeking to become the other) which Time describes as the next great civil rights battlefield in America, great because it will further ‘refine’ our understanding of gender diversity.

We who sowed indifference as activists redefined marriage now reap the whirlwind. This next ‘transition’ is a further hemorrhaging of God’s image, one most destructive to confused children who at this very moment are being primed for ‘gender reassignment’ because at 5 and 6-years-old they ‘feel’ different from their same-gender peers.

Dr. Paul McHugh, the former psychiatrist in chief at John Hopkins Hospital, debunks the myth that transgender surgery solves the profound wound at the core of gender identity disorders. He writes in the Wall Street Journal (June 14th):

‘We at John Hopkins studied the outcome of transgender surgery and discovered that those who underwent the operation fared no better psycho-socially than those who did not undergo surgery. So we stopped doing sex-reassignment surgery…A more recent study revealed that 10 years after having the surgery, the transgendered began to experience increasing mental difficulties. Most shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable non-transgender population.’

He exhorts us to undo what amounts to abusing confused kids who are being groomed for a sex-change. ‘Treatment must involve removing the young person from the suggestive environment (including school curriculums that advocate “everything is normal”) and offering a counter message in family therapy…the best way to help kids is through devoted parenting.’ He concludes: ‘“Sex-change” is biologically impossible…Claiming that this is a civil rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.’

What can we do today? Extend the mercy of Jesus Christ and His healing Kingdom for persons in your world who are evidently gender confused. Pray for them. Defend them against bullies. A young African-American man at my gym acted and dressed outrageously; he was tormented by the guys there. Jesus told me to draw near to him and befriend him and to be his advocate. I helped him to receive the Father’s blessing on his masculinity.

I had the privilege of doing the same for a 4-year-old boy at my former church; his parents asked me to talk and pray with him about the goodness of his maleness as he expressed desire to be a girl. Jesus helped him at a tender age to be reconciled to the boy Jesus made him. His parents cooperated; his dad drew near and began to fight for his son’s dignity, not his mutilation.

Jesus brings a Kingdom that surpasses foolish solutions. We do little good by merely railing against bad social trends. Do something. Act like a Christian. Fight for the dignity of persons subject to cruel, dehumanizing precedents and people.

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Courage of Our Convictions

‘Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shone like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.’ (PS 37: 5, 6) 

DOMA-courtHow could a nation captivated by ‘The Bible’ miniseries be taken captive by ‘gay marriage’?

Last week’s Time Magazine featured photos of sexy lip-locked gay couples under the heading: ‘How Gay Marriage Won.’ The popular media prophesies an utterly gay-friendly America; in the words of Time, we are ‘eyewitnesses of history’, the successful homosexualization of our culture with ‘gay marriage’ as its seal.

Still, most of us flinched when subjected to Time’s provocative gay photos. Deep in our hearts, we know that something is wrong with 2 men or 2 women trying to become one. It has nothing to do with hate or bigotry; it is the only honest response to the law of God written in our hearts (Rom. 2:15). Our discord with ‘gay marriage’ is anchored in moral conviction.

In spite of what celebrities or the APA or liberal politicians say, no matter how much we love gay friends or family members, we cannot in good conscience confirm homosexual identity and practice, let alone a ‘gay marriage’, as something inspired by God.

We Americans face a rift in our thinking. On the one hand, we want people to be free and to do what they choose. On the other hand, we devotedly follow a depiction of the Bible on TV and claim that God is the most important relationship in our lives. Consider this: though the vast majority of those under 30 in the USA favor ‘gay marriage’, 50 % of them are unsure if homosexuality is morally right! Why would anyone advocate for two gay pesons mocking holy marriage if (s)he seriously doubted the moral decision to assume gay identity and practice in the first place?

We do not think through our morality. If we did, we would take a stand for marriage and endure the scorn of peers. At least we could live with our consciences. Instead we refuse to think at all and cop out with a cheap ‘everyone deserves happiness….’

Stay true to your convictions. Trust the law written on your heart. God placed it there. Don’t allow popular opinion or the gay people you love to alter the truth that something is wrong with homosexuality. Period. Real love holds fast to the truth and refuses to be swayed by sentimentality.

Trust the truth that Jesus has power to transform the lives of those with same-sex attraction. I am only grateful for amazing Christians who did not agree with my gay self but kept praying for more in my life. How cruel to merely agree with another’s confusion on the basis of ‘love.’ How loving to advocate for the Father’s will for His children.

Pray for the true definition of marriage in the USA. Contrary to Time’s sweeping assessment of the ‘gay marriage’ victory, the Supreme Court still has over two months to decide on the two cases. DOMA appears doomed, and yet the Prop. 8 case could go in several directions. The Supreme Court seems unready to strike down the 31 states which currently have true marriage definitions. Pray that state rights will be upheld over the charge that not allowing ‘gay marriage’ is unconstitutional for any state.

Keep flinching. Rebuke the propaganda machine that tries to shame you for disagreeing with homosexual identity and practice. While fighting for marital and moral integrity, do not lose your own. Stay pure in heart and generous in love. Rejoice when you are persecuted for righteousness. Woe to us when all speak well of us (Lk 6:26).

‘The Lord foils the plans of the nations; He thwarts the design of the peoples. But the plans of the Lord endure forever, the design of His heart for all generations.’  (PS 33: 10, 11)




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