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Obama’s Confusing Legacy

‘The rights of black people are gay rights and the rights of gay people are black rights.’ Kevin Jennings

Living in a city built on a fault-line of segregation where the majority of African-Americans flounder in poverty and poor schools, I cheer former president Obama for provoking all ethnic minorities to break down barriers and become who they can be for the good of others.

What galls me is how he mistook ‘gender-identity’ variations for ethnicity in his 8-year-pledge to expand human rights. Yesterday, I drove up to a Starbuck’s window and faced a woman employing every hormonal and cosmetic means possible to erase her womanhood; she had entered into the dehumanizing zone of becoming gender-free. Her broad face, reddened with testosterone and a pale beard, was shocking to anyone encountering her and cruel to this woman who needs help to unpack her gender rejection, not a license to destroy herself.

Obama gave her that license. His administration placed gender identity delusions on par with ethnic civil rights. One of his final acts as president was to commute the sentence of transgender prisoner Chelsea Manning. That says first, in contrast to the best clinical evidence available, Obama has done more than any other leader on earth to perpetuate the lie that fragile souls who seek refuge in the fantasy of becoming someone other than who they are should be granted government advocacy to realize their ‘dream.’ In truth, Obama made this part of the American dream, a waking nightmare for all who surround this person’s tragic choice to worsen his or her fate. Through his Abortion and Transgender Services Mandate (ACTS, 2016), Obama made every gender-rejecting figment of the American imagination ground for government-funded sex changes.

Secondly, Obama stumped over and over to ensure that ‘gender identity’ freedom was placed on every list that included racial equality. He lumped a profound identity disorder with persons who have been stripped of every vestige of human dignity due to skin color. Obviously, this further slaps the face of persons who have suffered for centuries under the oppressive hand of the majority. Obama failed to distinguish between the intrinsic dignity God grants those who represent Him in a host of ethnicities, and those tempted to chase illusions in an effort to heal the rift in their gendered selves. For the gender confused, peace comes only from reconciliation to who one is before God as either male or female. While Obama summoned greatness from the ethnically oppressed, he further oppressed the gender fractured by offering dead-end solutions to their suffering.

‘There is an ecology to man. Man too has a nature that he must respect and that he cannot manipulate at will. Man is not merely self-creating freedom. Man does not create himself. He is intellect and will, but he is also nature, and his will is rightly ordered if he respects his nature, listens to it and accepts himself for who he is, as one who did not create himself. In this way, and in no other, is true human freedom fulfilled.’ Pope Francis

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snakes in the bathroom obama bathroom law

Snake in the Bathroom

The Obama administration has just insisted that all US public schools allow students to use whichever bathroom matches their gender identity, that is, whichever identity one is experimenting with at the moment.

Overlooking the facts of one’s biological birth, and the torturous mental health consequences for persons who deny their gender birthright, Obama now leads the world in obliterating the most basic distinction of our humanity.

Your daughter attends school where a boy who likes girl’s play has absolute freedom to insist that he be considered a girl and to follow her into the bathroom. Of course that may change; he may come to his senses and realize that he wants to be who he is. Then your daughter will have to change all over again.

The US government now decrees that your children understand gender as fluid, a state of mind, with no necessary connection to our biological selves. For people of faith, that is idolatry, the creature raising itself above the Creator. For people who value the social sciences, that is psychological nihilism: we harm children by not reinforcing the value of their gender selves.

Secure upon the foundation of our male or femaleness, we can grow into the unique men and women we are, free to exhibit a range of gifts and aptitudes that defy gender stereotyping. But we damage the core of our sons and daughters by letting them tell us whether they are sons or daughters.

Obama and company now consider granting fragile children and their clueless parents that freedom. They consider gender fluidity to be another great step forward for human rights.

Tell that to my friend Daniel who was advised by his high school counselor to embrace his gender fluidity. Identifying as a woman and winning awards in drag pageants, he witnessed among ‘trans’ peers the ravages of implants, estrogen shots, and seductive exaggerated feminine behavior. The fantasy of becoming the other gender was in truth a death wish. And isn’t that the end of all deception, to destroy human dignity?

Deceived by the belief that he is protecting human dignity, Obama obliterates it.

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Jesus: The Justice that Transforms

‘He will not shout or cry out, or raise His voice in the streets. A bruised reed He will not break, and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out. In faithfulness He will bring forth justice.’ (IS. 42: 2, 3)

‘Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.’ (PS 37: 5, 6)

Justice: The Truth That Transforms Sun Image by Mike BehnkenWho is like our God? On behalf of all who contend with same-sex attraction and a gay-affirming world (‘gay marriage’, the collapse of Exodus, the strangely silent church), Jesus shines like the sun. He is the Father’s justice for all who know the afflicting power of sexual brokenness and who turn to Jesus as their source of light and life. He fulfills the Psalmist’s declaration: ‘He works righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.’ (PS 105:6)

To impart His justice to us, Jesus asks two things. First, persons with same-sex attraction must recognize they are oppressed, not only by the attraction itself but also by a deceiving, idolatrous world that holds out false consolation—‘be who you are, celebrate your homosexuality!’ The Christian can and should refuse that solution, as it desecrates the Father’s will for our humanity.

Secondly, in light of the depth and power of same-sex attraction, we can and must surrender wholly to Jesus. That is nothing less than the call to every Christian. Those of us blessed with the burden of same-gender attraction have the unique privilege of entrusting to Him a whole network of friends, feelings, self-perceptions, and motives. Sounds like the basis of a profound conversion to me!

Jesus wants everything. We may, in the spirit of the rich young ruler, count our homosexuality a ‘gay right’ (Matt. 19: 16-26). Pity those who claim to love Jesus but withhold from Him their sexuality. In order to take up all He has for us and wants to give through us, we must let go of our rights. Our only boast becomes His cross, which we share in our ongoing surrender to Him. We die to worldly solutions and live only for Him and the new creation we become when He becomes our hearts’ desire.

But what genuine riches await those who surrender all to Him! He serves justice by reconciling us to who we really are—men and women called to reveal Him in the way we love others purely, seeking only the other’s best. That excludes any romancing of our own gender, as well as any using of the opposite gender to prove we are ‘normal.’ (Both reduce the true selves of others.) Rather, we seek to build others up in Christ, loving them according to His image of their humanity, not the one that seems right to us.

We become lovers after His heart; our joy is full because our giving to others is free from the entrapment of idolatry. How can we bow down to a mere creature? He has become our heart’s desire.

In that process, Jesus is faithful to use same-gender desires to take us deeper in His healing justice. He reveals wounds and deprivations that inspired our attractions; He shines His light on the self-defenses we created to protect us from further harm. We can let go of these strongholds because He has become our cornerstone, the very foundation of our humanity. As its Creator and Redeemer, we are in good hands!

Jesus is the Father’s justice for all who follow Him amid same-gender attraction. The systems of the world fail us here, so we must look keenly, and surrender utterly, to Him alone. He will never fail us. Might this be His shining hour as the Shepherd of afflicted sheep? He will not be moved. Justice will be served.

‘As a shepherd looks after his scattered sheep when he is with them, so will I look after my sheep. I will rescue them from all the places where they were scattered on a day of clouds and darkness…I Myself will tend My sheep and have them lie down,’ declares the Sovereign Lord. ‘I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice.’(Ez. 34: 12, 15, 16)

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Enslaving Justice

‘By appealing to the lustful desires of human nature, they entice people who are just escaping from those who live in error. They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves to depravity.’ (2 Peter 2:18, 19)

Enslaving Justice Photo by Chang-er‘Gay marriage’ advances in the USA promise justice but deliver oppression. To champion ‘gay selves’ and bind them together in a mockery of marriage diminishes humanity.

Real justice cannot be separated from what it means to be human, bearers of God’s image. To Him we are accountable as to how we live out the purpose of our gendered and sexual selves. These involve moral decisions as to how we form relationships and to whom we surrender our bodies. We either expand our humanity by staying true to His command or we contract our horizons and those with whom we partner.

‘Gay marriage’ represents such a contraction. Two members of the same gender cannot create a sexual whole. God cannot bless what He did not intend. Scripture, Church tradition and the most basic evaluation of human bodies attest to this truth: God created us to create life and that can only occur with the opposite gender.

My good friend and theologian John-Mark Miravalle makes this point beautifully (download his whole talk on this topic at the end of this blog): in order for a gender ‘gift’ to be authentic, it must be different from that of the receiver. Otherwise it is not a whole gift but rather a supplement, a ‘slice’ of what I already have. Same-gender gifts can empower or reinforce one’s own gender wholeness. But they cannot illuminate the contours and complementary gifts of God’s whole image. Nor can same-gender friendship create something altogether new. That belongs only to the realm of male and female.

Homosexual intimacy represents a sincere but misbegotten effort to achieve wholeness. These attempts result in brokenness: morally, spiritually, and often physically. Certainly gay unions are not the only expression of sexual brokenness. But they are one, and for the USA to enshrine these unions in ‘marriage’ is an expression of injustice and oppression that misleads her citizens.

Justice cannot be separated from the truth. Many Christians want to do just that: give gays ‘marriage’ and we shall keep our ‘holy’ version of it. That reveals a truncated and false morality, as if God’s truth only applied to the ‘saved.’ Truth is truth, and for Christian citizens of a democracy to sit lamely by as activists vaunt a skewed vision of humanity in ‘gay marriage’ is unjust.

Since the recent Supreme Court rulings, gay couples around the country have begun to plot to overturn ‘marriage as male and female’ laws in 30 states. Please pray with me for justice to be done. Hold the line with your state! Life, health and peace govern those who live according to the Creator’s will for their gendered and sexual selves. Let us set a precedent of true marital justice for generations-to-come.

‘But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more. My mouth will tell of Your justice, of Your salvation all day long…I will come and proclaim Your might acts, O Sovereign Lord; I will proclaim Your justice, Yours alone. Since my youth, O God, You have taught me, and to this day I declare Your marvelous deeds. Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, until I declare Your power to the next generation, Your might to all who are to come.’ (PS 71: 14-18)

Download Jean-Mark’s entire talk on ‘An Argument against Gay Marriage’ here.

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