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Love this Country?

My pastor recently implored us to love this country (or whichever one is ours); he argued, ‘we only seek to save what we love. What we hate we want to destroy or at least be rid of.’

I agree. I work hard to save what I love. I rally around people whom I want to reclaim for God’s Kingdom—my kids, spiritual kids, people whose divided lives and marriages need healing. I hate deceitful attitudes and mindsets designed to bar people from God’s Kingdom; I want to expose what blocks genuine mercy.

But my country? I feel divided toward her, neither hateful nor impassioned with love for her well-being. I am at best detached from her, due in part to Obama’s treachery in courting American voters in 2008 with a pro (real) marriage ticket then revealing his hand in a series of gender-bending power plays over 8 long years. Hillary will quicken the slide into inhumanity (at least she’s honest about it), unless she is Trumped. I muse at the absurdity of choosing either candidate—the wall-building bully or the ‘empowered’ woman who uses her strength to close the womb or kill its fruit.

But I remember America’s goodness too: her beauty, her generosity, how her citizens have fueled Kingdom efforts throughout the globe. I am grateful, and realize that no amount of bad politics can snuff out the simple power of the Gospel that her citizens have extended with clarity and ingenuity.

I confess I don’t know how to love America, any more than I know how to vote in November. But I will seek to love her by fighting for the law written in every American’s heart (Rom. 2:15), raw treasure that Jesus still seeks to provoke and fulfill. I will fight to save what is good and true and just about my country.

Seventh of 7 Prayers for Marriage: Under the Rainbow

‘The greatest figures of prophecy and sanctity step forth out of the darkest night.’ – St. Edith Stein

march marriageI marched last Tuesday in DC for marriage. America was not with me. Christians may still believe that marriage is about male and female but they hold their views quietly, passively. In the meantime, aggressive gay activists have captivated marriage and made it their own. They screamed their insistence on the steps of the Supreme Court while those who knew better slept. In our drowsiness we have become the minority. We are now the oppressed.

Maybe it was my expectation. I have fought hard for marriage, especially in the last five years. I have endured church after church politely refusing to take a stand for marriage on the basis of ‘love’. On a cold spring morning, I was looking for an adrenal blast of solidarity with thousands of like-minded ones.

As we rode the subway to the Capitol, I thought the swell of passengers were fellow warriors. Wrong. I counted two others getting off with us as we exited for the rally. Some came, a few thousand at best. Yet we seemed ragged and disjointed, an underwhelming army that barely enveloped the huge podium.

Then we marched, bravely holding our signs (‘Kids need a Mom and Dad’) and our tongues from lashing back at the screamers. I took a shortcut to get a better view of things. Away from the march, I encountered a handful of white, well-heeled professionals en route to work who looked with disgust at my sign and me. One of them scowled: ‘You’re stupid…you’re gay!!!’ Thoughtful political commentary…

As we turned the corner in front of the Supreme Court steps, our numbers seemed to swell as the path narrowed. I turned around and saw currents of ethnicities: streams of Africans, Hispanics and Asians who marched with dignity and humility in unison with their churches. White marchers like me were few; we were bland dots in a rich sea of America’s real diversity.

The empowered white folk were gay activists on the sidewalks flanking us and shouting: ‘Gay straight, black white, marriage is a civil right…’ The preppy good looks of the activists belied any authentic history with civil rights battles. I looked upon my fellow soldiers with new admiration: devout Christians of many tribes and tongues honoring God’s image and a nation for which they are grateful.

My fine friends at Regeneration with whom I marched–Bob Ragan and Josh Glazer—concurred. We, not the ever-morphing GLBT, are the real rainbow, a river of multi-colored currents flowing from the same Source and heading home to that Source.

As surely as the Bride longs for the Bridegroom, so we His people march for His image–one man committed to one woman—to be honored in the land. We must band together as wickedness grows.

The powerbrokers have abandoned us for other gods. Anyone who takes a stand for marriage loses power. When did an aspiring writer, artist, politician or popular churchman, for that matter, last take a bold stand for real marriage? We have taken up the traditions of men and have forsaken God’s (Mk 7:8).

God is mocked but not discouraged. He lives generously with those whose power is only Him. For His sake, I shall march for marriage all my days. I shall do so with a limp. And with the humble who have always been the minority. We are never mightier than when we stand together and He alone is our strength.

‘I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no-one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept My word and not denied My Name.’ (Rev. 3: 8)

‘Our weaknesses were turned to strength, and we became powerful in battle, routing foreign armies.’ (Heb. 11:34)

‘Father, Your Son is risen and we rise with Him in this season of new life. May His Life infuse us afresh as we march forward in a new season of battle. Thank You for endowing our little efforts with the power that catapulted You from the tomb. Keep our eyes fixed on Your absolute sufficiency. May we refuse every demonic scheme to divide and conquer the faithful. Empower our efforts to maintain the unity of Your Spirit in the bond of peace.’





Waking Up

How do you explain a nation that resolutely opposed ‘gay marriage’ at the polls (32X) then ushered it in boldly last Tuesday?

You could cite Obama’s slide as America’s; he started 4 years ago resolute in his ‘Christian’ commitment to marriage then unraveled. He became the first US president to champion ‘gay marriage’ last May. Did he lead America into ‘gay marriage’ or just reflect the superficial faith of many? Chicken or egg: discuss.

Last Tuesday, the Church laid an egg; she chickened out, big time. How else do you explain the stats that most avowed Roman Catholics in the USA now support ‘gay marriage’? Or the evangelical drivel that ‘we cannot legislate morality’? Are you kidding? Every act of legislation is a moral decision!

We so want a tolerant Jesus that we edit the truth that He is the Creator and Redeemer of all, which implicates our gender, our sexuality and what we do with our bodies. Supporting ‘gay marriage’ declares that we have no understanding of what it means to be human, made in His image. So we settle for a ‘feel good’ Jesus who does not mess with us. In truth, Jesus messes with us at the core of our affections and motives so that we don’t mess up others, including murdering the unborn.

Jesus indicts America’s cowardice with ‘gay marriage’ and a new host of pro-abortion leaders led by Obama himself.

It’s not too late. Last Tuesday sounded an alarm. Will ‘we wake up from the dead and let Christ shine on us?’ (Eph. 5:14)

I had a dream last night of a bright-eyed young pastor serving an ailing church in Boston. Due to the pastor’s disavowal of ‘gay marriage’, the church elders took away his keys. But he had a key, shaped like a cross. His ‘cross-key’ gave him free and ready access to the church that mere men could not stop. Many joined him, and a vibrant renewed church emerged from the dying one.

My friend and colleague Josh Glazer woke up. He led his Maryland-based ministry Regeneration to pray and fast with us over these last 40-days. He writes: ‘I’ve been humbled to have my own cowardice and compromise exposed–masked as compassion, busy-ness, humility, and the pursuit of being ‘relevant’. Also, I’ve become increasingly aware of something akin to a spirit of delusion over our land, blinding us to the true fruit of the unnatural desires we’ve been embracing.

The shining moment of this fast for me was when a spirit of fear was broken. The Lord showed me my cowardice and compromise as “holding to a form of godliness, but denying its power” (2 Tim. 3:4). For three days following, I reveled in Hebrews 11 — reading of my brothers and sisters in the faith who have gone before me, not clinging to this country nor the approval or pleasures therein, “But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them” (Heb. 11:16).

As this fast concludes, whether marriage further upheld or further desecrated, I am convinced we must keep crying out for mercy and a spirit of repentance in His Church and throughout our land. Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy upon us!”



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