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GUIDEBOOK THIN WHITEThe Living Waters Guidebook is the foundation material for the Living Waters program.

A 400 page workbook of spiritual, theological, psychological and practical insights, the guidebook is designed to aid program participants in their relational and sexual restoration in Christ.

It is only available for purchase by Living Waters leaders and recently underwent its fourth revision.

About Living Waters:

The discipleship and prayer ministry of Living Waters addresses the roots of sexual and relational issues that ensnare Christians into unhealthy living.

Living Waters provides a thoughtful and safe place to truly look at our lives. Through weekly times of worship, teaching and small group prayer, our program leaders walk with participants in their struggles so they can live in freedom and truth. We pray for God’s healing to restore broken areas of life so that people can “love well” as God intended.

With groups all over the world, and with over thirty years of ministering God’s healing love, the Living Waters program is a proven path of healing.

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