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Fighting in Peace

As we are now only two weeks before the election, I want to shift into a more prayerful, less teaching-like mode. I want to turn unto the Lord in a spirit of repentance. Some of the sins we will be naming and turning from may or may not be ours. At least we are capable of them. Like Daniel, we can as priests represent these sins before God and repent of them on behalf of our fellow humanity.

I want to address and repent this day on behalf of the foolish striving we as Christians conceive when we undertake a battle such as this. We can begin in the Spirit and end up in the flesh! (“Trying to attain the goal by human effort”, Gal. 3:3) We do this when we take our eyes off the Lord, the Creator of marriage, and the One who will be true to His image in humanity.

Having assumed God’s burden in our own strength, we become nasty toward people, like the gay community and its allies. As if our disgust at misdirected movements will fulfill God’s purposes! We must stay mindful at all times that the enemy is the enemy. Satan’s deceptive, destructive power to blind fellow image-bearers should alone be the object of our wrath.

Our anger at people does not ‘bring about the righteous life that God desires’ (James 1:20). We look to God and ask that He would vanquish His enemy. He loves His human image far more than we; we look to Him to open blind eyes and to release His people to stand in this hour on behalf of love: His love for both marriage and those who rail against it.

The Psalmist declares: “Give us aid against the enemy, for the help of man is worthless.

With God, we will gain the victory, and He will trample down our enemies.”(Ps 108:12,3)

In these days, I am caught between high hopes for marriage and the future of CA, and a fear of the relentless advance of an immoralist agenda there if God’s people don’t act. That fear, perhaps a fusion of holy dread and neurotic anxiety, causes me to cast myself on Him. And He meets me beautifully through His Word.

He has given me an awesome peace in this battle—the overarching assurance that He is in control and that His will for marriage will prevail. He spoke to me through Psalm 37:“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desire of your hearts. Commit your way to the Lord, and He will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun. Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.” (vs. 4-7)

So I wait, deepening trust in Him amid the battle that will culminate at the polls. My hope is in Him, the author and finisher of marriage. I can rest in the One who has already won the war on behalf of His image in humanity. He invites me into the peaceful assurance of that victory.

A few weeks ago, my friend Dean gave me these verses. They are a seal over my soul that guards me from unholy fear. God spoke through his prophet to a small army defending Jerusalem that awaited the advance of opposing forces, much greater in size. He said: “Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s…Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance that the Lord will give you.” (2Chron. 20: 15, 17)

Honor marriage peacefully for the good of all. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“O God forgive us for the ways we fight battles in our own broken humanity. Forgive us for representing You poorly in our vain striving, a strife in which we target mere men as the enemy. And forgive us for ungodly fear. We look to You for strength and peace and clarity—You who alone authored Your image and You who will be faithful to defend and vindicate it. Help us merely to do our part; help us to be still and listen, that we might act according to Your will, O God. Having won the war, O God, we await Your victory in this particular battle for marriage in CA.”

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Marriage Disciplines the Greed of the Gay Community

Gay activists are relentless in their push for full embrace in the culture. And ‘gay marriage’ is the prize for attaining ‘normal.’

Throughout my adult life in ministry to the homosexual, I have witnessed the evolution of this relentless drive. What began in the seventies as mild anti-discrimination laws protecting gays has become in the 21st century a radical insistence: we want full rights and privileges on par with heterosexuals. In other words, we want marriage and family.

At denominational conventions, city hall and school board meetings, on college campuses, in churches, at our conferences, I have witnessed the drive of gay activists toward full inclusion. Somehow, someone‘s decision to pursue a particular course of sexual identification and pleasure becomes the obligation of society to bless it.

Today, we are doing just that. We confirm gays as if that tag were the highest and truest expression of his/her humanity. We codify their demands, put them on the books as constitutional rights. We coddle them, as if they were needy, noisy children whom we appease just so they would not make another scene.

I see this time and time again in families. One member leaves home then returns with a special friend, maybe a child via adoption, etc. The shocked family flinches at first then over time stops flinching. To avoid another round of conflict, the family changes. The essentially selfish and immoral member wins by virtue of self-insinuation.

That is exactly how I feel about the gay marriage issue. I did not choose this battle. Marriage had been squarely defined as heterosexual in CA. Gay activists pushed until their appointment with the Supreme Court. Like foolish, codependent parents, the Court appeased the greedy children that they are.

So now we fight. And we should. To give gays marriage is to give the addict another fix. It will not satisfy their demand for ‘normal.’ It cannot. External measures cannot resolve their internal conflict between design and desire, as we have seen.

Budziszewski writes: “To remove the sting of guilt, we entomb it until it seems beautiful to us. Every movement to excuse a moral wrong becomes a movement to condone it, and every movement to condone a moral wrong becomes a movement to extend it.”

Stop the greed of gay activists. Do not reinforce their corporate immaturity. Do not cede marriage to them! Restrain ‘the greed, which is idolatry.’ (Eph.5:5) To allow ‘gay marriage’ to remain the law of the land is to allow a virulent strain of immoral greed to flourish in the land. Honor Marriage for the good of all. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“Father, we ask for the grace to fight the greed of gay activists. Give us the clear seeing that to merely concede to their demands is foolish and unloving. For all.”

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Marriage Exposes the Lie of ‘Gay Marriage’

The design of creation speaks for itself: God created humanity in the duality of male and female. Marriage proclaims the essence of that bonding for the express purpose of creating and raising children.

Many desire other forms of sexual relating outside of marriage, including homosexual unions. No-one contests that, and all should treat those who struggle outside the lines with dignity, tolerance, and mercy based on God’s evident mercy to us in Jesus Christ.

But why the relentless drive of gay activists and their sympathizers to secure marriage for themselves? The answer lies in self-justification. I agree with J. Budziszewski when he writes of a rather complex dance humans initiate to resolve inner conflict. That conflict for the gay community exists between the design of creation that marriage evidently bears, and their desire for same-sex union.

One feels sexual toward his own gender, acts on it. The good sexual feeling is matched by bad feelings—a hurting conscience–because at some level one knows it is wrong. The desired act simply does not line up with ‘design’: the bigger picture of what our sexual humanity is for.

One may at that point seek another way: confession and repentance, healing through insight, prayer, support groups, etc. Or one may embark on a relentless drive to prove to oneself and all others that one’s homosexuality is actually natural and good. ‘Gay marriage ‘is the activists’ expressed goal because it is the ultimate ‘normalizer’. It says: “You see, homosexual unions bear all the healthy earmarks of whole heterosexuality.”

It does not work. The conflict is not resolved. Normalizing disorder does not make it any less disorder. Budziszewski writes: “Unable to make the truth go away, we use every means we can devise to pretend that we are really being good.”

So instead of confessing sin, the gay community confesses the ‘natural’ glories of gay bonding and culture; fighting hard to not need a savior, the community fights hard to save itself by seeking to change society. No authentic resolution or reconciliation occurs because the core disorder is not acknowledged. Instead, broken ones ban together and vent their conflict upon society, insisting that we be reconciled to their way. Or no way!

‘Gay marriage’ is the ultimate victory for this delusion. If we buy it—the gay community’s false and ineffective means of resolving their own conflict, we are hurting them. And we are celebrating the delusion that homosexuality is an essential good on par with God’s design for His human creation.

Honor marriage for the good of all. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“O God, open our eyes to the delusion at hand. Help us to help the broken resolve the conflict at hand. Only You Jesus can resolve that conflict. Lord have mercy.”

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Marriage is God’s Justice for Gays and Lesbians

Not all men and women submit their same-sex desires to God and His purposes. Increasingly, we live in a day when ‘the only problem with homosexuality is the one you have with it,’ to paraphrase the curt response of a young Christian to his pastor.

In some circles—legal, academic, artistic, journalistic—you could say that homosexuality is even accorded a special status. Maybe it’s a response to past abuses to gays, or the threat of being perceived as intolerant. The ‘enlightened’ bend overbackwards to celebrate all things homosexual, including gay marriage. The reasoning is simple: How could you withhold marriage from such winsome guys and girls?

But clever and disarming personalities should not alter the truth of God’s design for His human creation.Marriage proclaims that design over and over again on the face of the earth. It bears witness of a greater reality: the holy ‘otherness’ of gender differences, creativity within boundaries, the only just context for the raising of kids.

State-honored marriage upholds that witness for gays and lesbians. Its truth honors the design of the universe. Honoring marriage restrains assaults on that design. The Psalmist declares: “The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.” (PS 12:8) Conversely, when we honor what is honorable, wickedness is curbed.

I recently engaged with a young man bound to homosexual addictions who was intent on pursuing a sexual relationship with me, or anyone who would attend to him. I simply and clearly defined how God in His mercy had freed me to live within His design for marriage. He was blown away; I created a boundary which freed me to be kind to him.

Marriage is justice for gays. It is a living witness of a truth that may be distorted or struck down in their hearts but not destroyed. Its wholeness restrains their brokenness. How? By offering them what they really need: the living witness of one man for one woman, pledged to permanence and fidelity, who include others in that life-giving offering.

Marriage is God’s justice for gays. It should also curb those who with misdirected compassion cede marriage to gays. A brilliant thinker on natural law, J. Budziszewski writes: “True compassion relieves his [the gay man’s] suffering, gives him what he needs. False compassion relieves what I suffer for him, gives him what he wants.”

Marriage is God’s justice to gays. Whether or not one is ready to admit it, marriage mirrors God’s design to those who fracture it. It bears witness of the better way. It gives one what (s)he needs, if not always what (s)he wants.

Honor marriage for the good of all. Vote YES on Proposition 8.

“Father, show us how whole marriage is one witness of truth and grace for gays. Temper our notions with justice with Yours. May we manifest that justice liberally.”

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Marriage is God’s Justice for Those with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction

Many exist in the church and outside of it who experience unwanted same-sex attractions. These are men and women like me. For reasons we understand and do not, we have historically felt inclined toward our own gender. By the grace of God and out of reverence for Him, we have sought to overcome those inclinations. We now take our places as part of God’s evident design for His human creation: humanity as male and female.

For us, the reality of same-sex attraction is neither a right nor an identity or a lifestyle. It is disorder. It is a distortion of an otherwise normal need for same-sex love and attention. We steward our need for that love in proper non-sexual ways while seeking to love the opposite gender well as fellow image-bearers.

Desires do not define us; God’s evident design in creation does. And what God wills, He enables. We cast ourselves upon His grace constantly in our effort to love well. According to His definition, not ours.

We recognize instantly the wisdom of men like Robert Gagnon who define homosexuality in terms of its inherent narcissism—fixating upon our own gender along the good hard road to sexual wholeness.

He writes: “By definition, homosexual desire is sexual narcissism. There is a recognition that one desires in another what one already is and has as a sexual being…The modern word ‘homosexual’–from the Greek ‘homois’ or ‘same’–underscores this self-evident desire for the essential sexual self shared in common with one’s partner…Such a desire is really a form of self-delusion. We are gender beings by virtue of our gender, not due to possessing some social construct of gender. We need not seek completion in ‘sameness’. We must come to terms with our own essential gender.”

For us, the witness of whole marriages (and the state’s upholding of what true marriage is!) is a blessing. It encourages our journey onward to gender self-acceptance and recognizing the other gender as a needed counterpart.

I recall early on in my journey sitting in church and watching a young couple tending to their child. They cared for each other and the baby beautifully. It is as if I awoke to the beauty of God’s design and began to long for that—not merely as an ideal but as a personal goal. At that time, I also began to see the strength of my parents’ marriage; it too became a source of inspiration to me.

Whole marriages—defined and rewarded by the state—are God’s justice to those with unwanted same-sex desires. Honor marriage for the good of all. Vote YES on Prop. 8.

“Father, open our eyes to the powerful witness of marriage for those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction. Thank you for the grace to resume the journey.”

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